Monday, May 10, 2021


Life is good: Peace of it all

Today, I’m waking up in Gillette Wy. I drove down here yesterday to spend a few days with my friend Jean.

It was a beautiful day and a great drive yesterday. There were antelope to see. There’s just something about this area, and Montana and the Dakotas. It reminds us of the rural goodness. Folks out here tend to still hold onto the values we all grew up knowing.

At one point in the trip, I saw a cowboy riding his horse and checking his cows in a pasture. There was something about that scene that brought a moment of peace. It was a moment of remembering better days that are now gone.

We live in a world of fast pace, quick tempers, and unreasonable hate.

It’s pretty quiet where I live in Beach, ND. Neighbors still look out for one another. If we aren’t up with the times on some things, that’s just fine with me. It’s well worth the trade off to live in a peaceful community where we know we are cared about.

I grew up in Colusa County. Ironically, a fella named James Richie also grew up there but found his way to Beach where he settled some years ago.

James passed this last week. Of the tributes I saw about him, one thing was repeated over and over. He was a kind and giving man. He was that indeed. James would be the first to offer help if he saw a need. There are many lessons we should put into practice. Kindness should be at the top of the list. Kindness would solve a lot of turmoil in this world.

There is far too much selfishness in our world. Putting a curb on the “me first” attitude and actually lending a hand to help would be a good starting point for all of us.

Jean and I have been friends for 40 plus years. She and her family showed me kindness and genuine love and acceptance from the first time I met them. It never ended. I love her like a sister so time spent with her is a treat. It’s a comfort zone at her house. We’ve got a lot of memories made together and we never get tired of remembering them together. I suspect we’ll have another happy day of visiting and remembering today.

Life is good today


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