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What’s your plan (04/22/2021)

It came from out of nowhere and with it that possibility to produce an ear-to-ear smirk. I did! And will always. It was a gift and trip of a lifetime; an event that changes your life. It was five weeks of one happening after another that words will never adequately be able to express. One must do it for themself to grasp the significance and experience the grandeur of it all! It started in England and concluded in Greece. In between stood France, Germany, Austria, and Italy.

Our group was roughly the size that comfortably squeezed into a tour bus and when traveling to the next destination, we did so among three other buses. We were all high school age with our adult chaperons. We were larger than my graduating peers of Pierce Class of 1981. I have my stories and my cherished memories, especially of our Bear crew. On the second floor, July 4th, 1981, Veneziani waiters ushered in the biggest bowls of ice I had ever seen. It was the 1st time since stepping foot on the continent we had seen ice. You’d thought it was our first experience with it. There are the sights too.

Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Hofbrauhaus, Dachau, Glockenspiel, the canals of Venice, the Trevi Fountain, and the Acropolis of Athens are but a few of the locations leaving impressions on me. There was all the stained glass of the churches that words can never do justice to let alone trying to describe the buildings, my littlest one doing a better job making her point with charades before she could verbalize. If one does not believe in God; these large, sacred edifices dotting the whole of Europe make no sense.

The invention of the printing press is one of God’s miracles. It finally got the word out, as well as the Bible. Before books, tradition was first handed down orally. The museums of Europe all showcase man’s attempts of expression in art. As for the church’s stained-glass, they tell of God’s interaction with his children through the illuminated colors dancing in the sunlight. They also help to tell of those things to come.

Another of God’s miracles is the United States of America. Through modern-day revelation, HE has stated it to be a promised land for those that worship HIM. I got caught up in a social media meme depicting North and South America in map form with America labeled beneath. Dwarfed beside it was a map of the United States with the appropriate label. ‘Got it!’ was the point trying to be expressed (I think), but it got lost on me because of the noise. The argument myopic.

American will always stand out as an ideology separate from the world. That foundation is and will be the Constitution. It is a gift from a loving Eternal Father to all HIS children; those that follow HIM and those that do not. It proves the importance of the one! Therefore, the worth of you.

The Constitution of the United States of America divides the government into the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches. The three function to preserve the whole and with the build-in checks and balances on power, no single branch can usurp power. Someone with a pen signing executive orders has gotten out of hand. These are taking upon self the single role of lawmaker and out of the hands of the legislature where it belongs. And while at it, he and his cronies will stuff a few more justices on the Supreme Court to water them down to act as a committee.

The best government is self-government. There was once a time when we as a people knew correct principles and applied them to righteously rule ourselves on equal terms with our neighbor. Who’s your neighbor? The answer has Eternal consequences. It is time to stop messing around and get back to our roots in the Constitution. We the People! Our government is local, up, and not the big government down. Godspeed


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