Monday, July 26, 2021


Life as I see it (04/29/2021)

Our pastor today challenged us to tell our good shepherd story to at least one person in the coming week. I have had many in my lifetime but one in particular stands out.

It happened in 2001. My late husband David had a seizure and began the nine-month journey ending in his death in May 2002.

Along this journey, David and our entire family met our good shepherds daily.

Our entire community in Beach, North Dakota, became good shepherds to the Craigo Clan. They surrounded us with love, support in prayer, financial support, and gifts of kindness. We never felt alone.

Our interim pastor was lay minister Diane Melby. Diane stood by us. When we no longer could attend church, Diane came to have Sunday lunch with us and bring to us communion. She was also our attorney and helped us through the legalities of it all.

Ironically, now nearly 20 years later, Diane was once again in the pulpit today at First Lutheran. It was Diane who challenged us to share our Good Shepherd story. Little did she know she was one of mine.

I will never forget that time. I will never forget the many good shepherds who stood with us. I hesitate to name the shepherds for fear of missing any. Many stepped in at really hard times. You know who you are and I hope you know we love you without measure.

We all have a Good Shepherd story. Now I pass on to you the challenge to share your own story with at least one person.

God is good, and He continues to send good shepherds to each of us.

Life is good today. §


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