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What’s your plan? (04/29/2021)

I stand fast to my declaration that angels are among us. The world is a rather dark place for those that think otherwise. I appreciate the ones that brighten lives and will always be eternally grateful for two that have taken upon themselves to be just within reach at trying times. I dub them guardian angels. One is too sacred to try to express in words; I won’t even attempt it at this time. The other just steps in in times of wonder.

If a male gave any thought whatsoever to what he was actually getting himself into with a proposal of marriage, the institution would have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Housing causes me to spout this sage misinformation. I do live in a castle because I am continually surrounded by treasure in the form of an eternal companion and the offspring that our union has produced. What we never lack is a dull moment.

I chased her to Antelope because I thought it was a good idea. Who am I kidding, putting brains into the equation never occurred? Some logic did show itself, if only minimally, as we made a one-room apartment our first dwelling. My figuring has been that wherever she is with me, it’s home. As time went on, we added a bedroom, about the time a child would come into the family. So it went two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and then a house proved our progression.

Then we made a major change in our life and came back to Arbuckle, back in the time when someone could find an entry-level castle in the town. It had enough space inside for three rambunctious girls and an ample backyard for them to roam in. Hindsight is 2020, make more time to play more with your kids (young and older)! I could even play farmer in the back 40 feet with a garden and orchard. It had everything except longevity. So we had to find another place to call home.

It was then that we experienced our guardian angel’s first occurrence in our life. Before we get to that, may I impart a word of advice to any that may be fewer in days and a bit less experienced than myself. Do not interject the word tent into a discussion with the fairer sex that centers around “our home” and begins with “what do we do now?” I do not care how practical it is in a storm. The knowledge is of no import to her and never will be. There is wisdom in learning from someone else’s experience.

Our Guardian Angel came to the rescue, setting us up in our next home. Not to be construed as a fluke, about two years ago things repeated under almost the same circumstances (minus the tent this time) with our current home. Our angel has our back; both of them do! They have that uncanny knack of rendering service when it can be of most value. I am growing an attitude of gratitude.

With this in mind, the Bride and I are off to enjoy a resort overnight courtesy of our Guardian Angel. THANK YOU! I challenge you to be someone’s Guardian Angel. I’ll leave Berry hanging again and put the ‘30×30 Land Grab’ adopted by our illustrious post turtle on the front burner. Godspeed. §


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