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What’s your plan (05/06/2021)

Richard Lyman Bushman has been hanging for a while now, that is if you remember me saying that I had more to say about him, or to him, quite a bit ago. He isn’t a household name (I erroneously called him Berry last week; maybe a Freudian slip) and I’m sure hasn’t gotten much publicity over what I am creating now. I would not have run across him if it had not been for a sermon that I took an interest in. I’ll be danged if my notes help me to recall anything more than the book he published.

The American Farmer in the Eighteenth Century – A Social and Cultural History is one of several works accredited to him. I found a reference calling him an American historian and academic. Another states his interests as Colonial America and the history of Mormonism. This man antagonizes me.

I have known a farmer or two and the social and cultural views Bushman expresses I can’t share. Maybe it’s because he is limited to the 1700s. Ag owes a debt to the land grant universities, but today’s academia is so far out in right field that it is becoming irrelevant to our children’s livelihood. We need a resurgence of history and the Constitution in fundamental education.

Please do not call a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a Mormon; it’s pejorative. Distractors use it to stir contention and contention is a large source of problems today. Mormon abridged histories from many different writers over many years into the Book of Mormon – Another Testament of Jesus Christ. All of them exhort us to look to Christ and His Church and not to Mormon, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Russel Nelson, or me for that matter (this is as close as I will probably come to these greats). We follow Christ.

From what I gather, I am not sure where Bushman would stand on the ‘30×30 Land Grab’ being championed by our presidential post turtle. Last Thursday Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack denied the “30×30” goal of conserving 30% of the nation’s land by 2030 as a “land grab’ but insists it is to protect “private, working lands” through voluntary programs. Since when does voluntary and government work well together in the same sentence? Look at the money trail. This is a plan advanced by radical environmental activists calling for government intervention of American lands and oceans. Visit for more information.

It is the time that you and I make our own noise and stand up for something. But for what? Our problem is that we aren’t focused. The squeaky wheel does get the grease. This use to be a positive American metaphor, yet today it has been weaponized by the few. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know we can’t be silent for much longer. I believe in the US government, as outlined by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution. Local government is the most sustainable and best still.

Solutions won’t come from within our old framework. Let us grow it locally and build upward; start with you and me. Yes, the solution is us. In the meantime, I’ll start looking at Bushman with the goal of finding common ground on which to build. Godspeed. §


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