Thursday, June 17, 2021



Life, as I See it: The best mom

Most people think they have or had the best mother. I know that is how I feel about my mom. Bonnie Bowden taught me to be strong, she taught me to love my children unconditionally, and she taught me how to work at growing in faith. She also taught me to work hard at anything I did. She was a hard worker, be it keeping a clean and comfortable home or planting and tending a huge garden and then preserving the fruits and vegetables she grew. She sewed our clothes. She welcomed our friends and shared our home with many of them.

She had a love unmeasured, but she was also tough as nails. No one dared mess with one of Bonnie’s kids.

I take pride in that I claimed so many of her traits. I have worked hard to be the woman my mother was to us.

Like her, I’ve opened my home and my heart to many kids along the way. My three birth children Velvet, Tiffany, and Val are a source of pride and love for me. But there are others I call my own as well.

Along the way I have had the pleasure of being a stand in mom or second mom to countless kids. Most of them are still in my life. Most of them still call me Ma Craigo.

That in itself is a true blessing in life. Anyone who can help a kid along will be blessed.

Finally! This week we were allowed to attend the grandkids’ spring concert in person. It was a great feeling to actually be there.

This past year has taught us to more appreciate the things in life we might have once taken for granted.

So, as I write, it is Mother’s Day morning. The plan is to have lunch with my kids. They are doing everything. Ma isn’t cooking today.

Tomorrow, Tom and I will head to South Dakota for our anniversary. I love going to the Black Hills. It has for years been the go-to place for me. There’s something about the peace of it that draws me back. So, off we’ll go one more time.

Life is good today. §


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