Thursday, June 17, 2021



Life, as I See it: Interesting dilemma

We took a short trip last week. Along the way we were surprised to encounter a number of disgruntled, verging on surly people working in stores, eateries and the like.

I would think after a year of so many people losing their jobs it would be a happy thing to be back at work. Apparently not.

I’ve heard some folks were just as happy staying home and getting the federally padded unemployment checks.

Sense we are retired I don’t have firsthand knowledge of this so I can’t say for sure.

I guess it’s an interesting dilemma for many folks.

The weather is warm but the water in the pool is still nippy. That didn’t stop my grandkids for taking their first plunge yesterday. They’re North Dakota kids so their tough. It was wonderful to have an afternoon outside yesterday. I’ve missed being out there.

I know as much as I enjoy the warm days, it isn’t good for us though. We, like so many other states desperately need rain. Pray for rain. We can enjoy the sunshine again later.

Last week we were driving outside of Rapid City when we hit a sudden slushing hail storm. It got so bad that we couldn’t see. The ice was building up on the road and it was slippery. I had to pull over and wait it out. And just like that it was over. It was another interesting dilemma. Gotta love the Dakotas and it’s ever changing weather.

Overall we had a good trip to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.

We also had a good visit with our South Dakota adopted family the Paulson Clan. It’s always a treat to see these folks. Friends that become family are special indeed.

Life is good today. §


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