Monday, June 14, 2021



Life, as I See it: One of the good days

It has definitely been one of the good days today.

I got to have a day with my baby grandson Bodhi. Now four months old, he’s developing a personality that pulls in all of us. What a charmer!

My new year of adventure and change continues. This week we had passport photos taken. That’s something new. I can feel the adventure getting closer.

I’ve also been working on strengthening exercises for my back as well as working with weights to tone my arms. I’m thankful that we have Sami in our family. She’s a great coach and has helped me get on track.

I’ve been chubby and lumpy most of my life. Who knows? Maybe my old lady self will finally get in a little better shape.

For the past few days it’s been so hot here in North Dakota. Whenever that happens, we can usually expect a rip snorter of a storm. True to its nature, the storm hit last night. Aside from losing a few tree limbs, all was well at our house this morning. The rain and the cool down was very welcome.

Yesterday, while texting with an old classmate in California, I said it had been hot here too. He commented he didn’t know North Dakota weather fluctuated.

Yep, we have four seasons. The joke here is that the four seasons all sometimes show up in one day.

Truth be told, it’s pretty great here most of the year.

We had a couple of fun family days in our backyard this week. Nothing makes me happier than sitting back and watching the kids have fun. We are blessed with a wonderful group of people we can call our own.

Life is good today. 


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