Colusa Movie Gains Enthusiasm

Summertime Films Inc. CEO Norm Hunter and California Warehouse Association Executive Vice President Ann Quinn. (Submitted Photo)

Submitted to the WPR

Once again, an ag-related group has cast an approving eye on the upcoming movie “COLUSA” and the positive story it tells of farming.

The film is scheduled for a 2012 production in Colusa County, with a targeted release date in 2013.

It is a project of Summertime Film Inc.CEO Norm Hunter who also wrote the script.

The production has received favorable nods from the California Rice Commission as well as Family Water Alliance.

Now the California Warehouse Association (CWA) has shown favorable interest.

At the invitation of CWA Executive Vice President Ann Quinn, Hunter addressed the CWA convention in Las Vegas this week where he provided an overview of the storythe benefits of reconnecting consumers with farming and putting a human face on agriculture in Northern California.

“The reaction was 100 percent enthusiastic and supportive,” said Hunter. “The consensus of the group was that it is high time that the rice industry had its day in the sun.”

“Several CWA members commented on the strong emotions and ties to Colusa County that this film portrays. This is a very positive reaction to the film and what it can accomplish,” said Quinn.

Hunter has been in the Colusa County area scouting locations and talking with potential investors for the film for more than two years. He has also become a familiar face among some of the growers and the flyers and said he has learned so much from all of these people.

Hunter’s vision for the film is to share the stories of the growers and the flyers as the backbone of the county’s economy, but also to showcase the beauty and grandeur that the Northstate has to offer.

“There just isn’t anywhere else this film should be made,” said Hunter.


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