West Arbuckle Farm Robbed

Thieves used wire cutters to cut a large size hole in the fence to remove various items from the work shop. (Staff Photo)

Sheriff’s deputies are searching for suspects who stole items from Mapco Farms on Cortina School road in Arbuckle.

It is believed that sometime Friday night, or early Saturday morning, two suspects entered the property through an adjacent property. The suspects then cut a whole in the fence and entered the shop through the restroom window in which the suspects ripped the window out of the wall, and bending the steal security bars.

After cutting the locks using a grinding wheel, suspects removed a welder, chain saws, air tools and several miscellaneous tools.

The estimated cost of stolen goods and damage is around $10,000, as reported by property manager Lloyd Green Sr.

“This isn’t the first time,” said Green, “This seems to happen every year, no matter how secure the building is locked up. They find new ways to get in.”

Authorities discovered shoe prints that appear to match other burglaries in the area.

 “In the prior year burglary, suspects stole everything,” said Green. “they even stole the toilet paper.”

 Green commented that they will be installing additional security and possibly a surveillance system.

No description of the possible suspects is available. However, it is known that the suspects used an ATV to travel in and out of the property.

Anyone with information on the incident should call the sheriff’s office at (530) 458-0200.

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