Barrels Unearthed at Fairgrounds Launches Investigation


By Grun Ungeheuer | Williams Pioneer Review

While investigating a sewer leak at the Colusa County Fairgrounds, the maintenance crew discovered something that merited investigation.

“Several barrels unearthed appeared to ooze some foreign substance,” said Colusa County Fair CEO, Jonathan Howard, “We are not sure what the substance is, but we have isolated the area and sent a barrel for testing.”

According to Howard, aside from the unidentified substance everything else appears to be normal.

Members of the Colusa County Fair Board members agreed that the situation needs to take precedence for the board to take action on the case.

“We will certainly notify the public if there are any abnormalities,” said Howard.

The unearthed barrel was located in the Northern section of the Colusa County Fairgrounds, an area that has a history unknown prior to becoming property to the Fairgrounds in 1939.

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