Wilbur Hot Springs Re-Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Wilbur Hot Spirngs Ribbon CuttingThe Colusa County Chamber of Commerce arrived with a big red ribbon on Friday, October 23rd, 2015 to celebrate Wilbur Hot Springs’ post-fire re-opening and their proud 150th anniversary. Local Historian John Morton presented a historical record of Wilbur Hot Springs on behalf of the Chamber, and Stephen Heter (District Representative to Assemblyman James Gallager) presented Dr. Richard Louis Miller a Certificate of Recognition from the California State Legislature.

People travel to Wilbur from all over the world to take the waters to heal various maladies, unplug, relax and visit the rare Fountain of Life Geyser located in Wilbur’s 1500 acre private Nature Preserve. Wilbur Hot Springs is renowned for the unique constituency of their medicinal healing waters which includes mood stabilizing Lithium, antibiotic super saturated sulfur, magnesium, and Boron (recently gaining attention in health journals). Seaton Barker, age 89, attended the ribbon cutting and told of how after getting shot in the leg the doctors wanted to amputate but instead he soaked in Wilbur’s mineral waters for three days and his leg healed.

The off-grid healing sanctuary with naturally occurring hot mineral springs, 2 1/2 hours NE of San Francisco, is open again for those seeking deep relaxation and a natural digital detox.

For more information call Wilbur Hot Springs at (530) 473-2306.◄

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