Santa’s season begins with Holiday Faire

Santa SENDColusa County boasted last year that Santa lives in Colusa County. It’s true; he does, and he is getting ready to make the first of his annual appearances around the county very soon.

Dave Bishop of Colusa is known around Colusa County as Santa is returning to the Colusa Holiday Craft Faire & Gift Show on November 21 and 22 at the Colusa County Fairgrounds.

Just as it has for several years, Professional Events Services (PES) will host the popular event.

Professional Events Services CEO Carolan Ferreria Meek, a former 44th DAA manager, has kept the show going as a production of PES. For the fourth year running, Meek has successfully run the show and states that she is looking forward to an even bigger and better event than last year’s show.

“We are pleased that Colusa County’s own Santa Claus is coming back,” said Meek.  “He not only looks like Santa; he has the genuine Santa Claus heart,” she said.

Bishop, who confesses that he has known all of his life that he is “Santa” and commented that he isn’t Dave playing Santa.

“I’m Santa, who sometimes portrays Dave,” he said.

Ask any of the Colusa County kid’s what Dave is and they’ll say he’s Santa.

“He’s a big guy with a big heart, jolly and friendly to everyone,” said Meek, “he’s always willing to help.”

Meek also commented that he always willing to help where he sees a need.

“He shares his Santa image with all of us,” said Meek.

Bishop also visits homes and other Christmas events when asked.

“This is what it is about,” he said, “Life is good.”◄

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