Williams Police Department Launches Mobile App

IMG_2458The Williams Police Department reaffirmed its commitment to community oriented policing and to expanding methods of communication by introducing a mobile application.
“We took an important step toward doing something to bring the community more in tune with its officers through technology that is with most people 24 hours a day, their smartphones and tablets.,” said Williams Police Chief, Josh Osbourn.

The FREE, Williams Police Department Mobile Application is available for Android, Apple, and the Windows App stores.

“I want our citizens to be involved in improving the quality of life in Williams,” said Osbourn, “and participating in public safety is as easy as using the new Williams PD Mobile App.”

The App will allow a one-button dial for non-emergency calls, and web links to information for several other city and county services, as well as a community calendar and other information.

“The App should never be used to replace 9-1-1. If you see a crime in progress or need immediate assistance from an officer, 9-1-1 is still the fastest way to contact help” says Osbourn, “but if you want to report an abandoned vehicle or other non-emergency information, use the App. You can even make anonymous tips from the App.”

According to the App. developer, LogicTree IT Solutions, the information is truly anonymous, even they cannot identify the phone number or the user’s information.

The most important feature of the App will allow Williams PD to send emergency information to your phone.

“With this new technology, we can send push notifications similar to an Amber Alert, but we can control the information, and keep people informed in nearly real time. The information can even include pictures,” Osbourn commented.

The information could range from weather warnings, major traffic issues, or other serious emergency information such as evacuation information during a flood or fire.

According to Osbourn, the Williams Police Department has two goals for the App.

“We will be able to allow information to be easily accessible to our residents and to ask our residents to keep the Police informed about happenings that negatively affect the quality of life in our city,” said Osbourn.

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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