Sites Joint Powers Authority Honored


During the 20th annual Family Water Alliance (FWA) dinner on November 21 in Maxwell, members of the Sites Joint Powers Authority were honored for their dedication to preserving water in California.

FWA chief operations officer Nadine Bailey took the opportunity on behalf of the FWA board of directors to thank the Authority members including Colusa County Supervisors Kim Vann (Dist. I), Gary Evans (Dist. 4) and Glenn County Supervisor Leigh McDaniels (Dist. 5).

Bailey awarded Vann, Evans and McDaniels with a gift in recognition of each of their efforts to increase water storage in California.

Bailey commented that the Sites JPA was formed in part to promote the long-standing plan to add to the central valley water system.

“The Sites JPA has met monthly for several years and has made steady progress in completion of the project,” she said.

Most recently they voted to hire a manager to ensure that the project would be ready to submit a plan to receive bond money from Proposition 1; the water storage bond.

FWA President Ray Davis commented that the drought had underscored the urgency to build water storage. “We want to thank those elected officials that have added a new aspect of work to an already full-time job,” he said.

“These three people have gone above and beyond to ensure the future of agriculture in the Sacramento Valley, and we wanted to show our appreciation,” said Davis.

“The future of agriculture in the Sacramento Valley is at stake, and we are lucky to have to have this hardworking group representing the valley, said Bailey

FWA states that water from Site’s Reservoir will fill some of the loss that water users have seen from, drought increased environmental uses and more urban demands.

According to the FWA, the new reservoir  at Sites will allow the collection of water during high rain events that are currently being lost. This increased flexibility will allow water managers to increase water for wildlife and fish species as well as human consumption.

“We need more water and Sites will give us more water for everyone,” said Bailey.

Vann stated that she was so pleased to have the JPA recognized for its efforts. “It is so nice to be publically thanked for doing this work,” she said.

Governor Jerry Brown and his wife Anne Gust were also guests at the annual event.

The Governor and his party were among several hundred dinner guests to attend the FWA’s annual fundraising dinner.

The FWA is a coalition of people who are concerned about the future of agriculture, private property rights, rural communities and the balance between man and nature.

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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