Colusa Head Start previews Footsteps 2 Brilliance

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On Friday, February 12, students and teachers at the Colusa Head Start had a first-hand, hands-on look at the first-of-its-kind preschool technology program slated to be launched in Colusa County.
The Colusa County Office of Education is in the infancy of a transformative new program called Footsteps 2 Brilliance (F2B).

“F2B is a breakthrough early learning solution that helps children become proficient readers by 3rd grade, and provides equitable access for every child and parent in our community,” said Colusa County Superintendent of Schools Michael West.

During the demonstration of Promethean and F2B, students were allowed not only to see what the program could do, but were invited to take an interactive part.

West commented that there will be a countywide training in participating school districts. The training will be in both English and Spanish.  The system includes a windows computer with a drawing element. Students as a whole participate in the lesson which is produced on an interactive flat panel display.

Head Start teacher Parveen Charma said that she could see how excited the students were by the learning opportunity they saw on Friday. “It’s a great opportunity for the kids especially with technology changing everyday of their lives. This is an educational and fun learning experience for the students and for me as well,” she said.

Teacher Tammy Arce said she thinks that once they know how to use the program it is going to be good.

“It gives the students more of an interactive method and empowerment to learn their own way,” she said.

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