Colusa County Historic Look Back: 03/09/2016

Research and synopses by Resa Lyn

50 Years Ago

Colusa Sun – Jan 4, 1966
The Colusa County Health Department reports 164 births and 158 deaths for the year 1965. This total is through December 26. of that year.

Colusa Sun – Jan 6, 1966
The Sacramento Milling Co. offices on the southern outskirts of Williams and the James Long Grocery store in Grimes were robbed of $145 in cash and merchandise.

75 Years Ago

Colusa Sun – Jan 4, 1941
The 19th Child of Mr. and Mrs. E.B. Barker of Big Valley was born recently. The family is formerly from Colusa.

Colusa Sun – Jan 7, 1941
Wilbur Springs Resort is planning a $40,000 rebuild. An investigation is underway for the need of a new all-year round road to the resort. Wilbur Springs is a financial gain for both Williams and Colusa County.

100 Years Ago

Tri-Weekly Colusa Sun – Dec 5, 1916
Home of S.A. Ottenwalter, 55 Clay Street, has quarantine lifted after a few weeks. They had been under quarantine due to typhoid fever.

Tri-Weekly Colusa Sun – Dec 2, 1916
A collection of license fees of the 16 saloons in Colusa County totals $14,400.

Tri-Weekly Colusa Sun – Dec 5, 1916
H.D. Calvin and W.M. Calvin (father and son), local inventors, receive the patent for an automobile lock to prevent theft.


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