Antique Show and Sale

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Robert Schwartz, owner of Robert’s Relics in Windsor has been a vendor at the Williams Antique Show and Sale for the past 32 years.

“I have only missed one show, and love coming back each year,” said Schwarz.

Schwartz, like many of the 20 vendors featured in the show and sale, bring their collection of advertising media, jewelry, fine china, home decor, and other items to the show.

The sale had a steady flow of traffic said Charles Bergson, a member of the Spanish-English Committee of Williams, who’ve hosted the event the last two years.

“We brought the event back to Williams after a short period at the fairgrounds and donated the proceeds to the Sacramento Valley Museum,” said Bergson.

In 2015, the event contributed $1,200 to the Museum.

Although the event wasn’t popular at the Fairgrounds, Schwartz said he made significant sales those years and would like to see the event moved back to Colusa with better marketing and coordination.

“I think Williams and Colusa could work together to make this a grand and successful event,” said Schwartz, “Several years ago, rain-or-shine, the event used to have a line out the door waiting to get in; today we have just a few people browsing around.”

Though attendance was up from last year on Saturday afternoon, Schwartz commented that the decline in popularity is a national problem, not a local problem.

“Many of the big shows are having problems getting attendees. The economy hasn’t fully recovered, and antiques are no longer the ‘in’ thing.” Said Schwartz.

Community member Dixie LaGrande commented that she would like to see the possibility of an appraiser available at future events for people to bring their items and have them appraised. Thus helping obtain more attendance.

Jim Schee has been participating in the Antique Show and Sale for the past four years and has been satisfied with the turnout.

“I try to have something that pleases everyone,” said Schee.

Schee had quite the collection of paper collections, advertising materials, and various items he called ‘smalls’.

“I sell some things and have a great time here. It’s an entertaining event,” said Shee.

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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