Local Powerlifter Awarded First Place at Regional Meet

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On March 22, 2016, Cynthia Jimenez of Colusa, demonstrated her personal best at the Norcal Powerlifting, “I Lift Like a Girl”, Regional Meetup held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Concord, CA.

Participating in her first competition, Jiminez was awarded first place after lifting 435lbs in her weight category for the women’s deadlift competition. She also lifted 425 lbs in squat, and benched 231 lbs.

Jimenez appreciated the strong show of support that all the participants showed each other during the event.

“The goal of the league is to build camaraderie and show support for each other,” she said, “The competitions are really a showcase for demonstrating what we have been working on and how we have progressed.”

Jimenez dedicates time each day to train with the help of her coach and father, Victor Gomez at Body Shop Fitness, located in Colusa. Body Shop Fitness sponsored Jimenez in the competition.

The mother of three school-aged children, Jimenez found herself feeling depressed, unmotivated, and overweight after the birth of three children. Frustrated after seeing small results with moderate diet and exercise, Jimenez began to work with weights with the help of her father Victor Gomez.

Gomez had been working with weights since he was a young teen but found himself many years later, giving up the workout.  After gaining significant weight and experiencing some depression, he made the decision to return to life through the exercise that had sustained him in the past.

“I hate cardio workouts, lifting weights has always been the right choice for my workouts” Gomez stated.

Body Shop Fitness is looking to assemble a Weightlifting team, for information visit the gym at 201 Fifth Street in Colusa.