PUBLIC NOTICE from the Colusa County Office of Emergency Services

Colusa County Office of Emergency Services

Colusa County Office of Emergency Services would like to inform county residents that the Colusa Regional Medical Center/Hospital will be closing its doors effective Friday, April 22, 2016. The hospital has encountered financial hardships, forcing it to close its doors. The closure will affect all aspects of the hospital including emergency room service, laboratory services, in-patient and out-patient services, and hospital satellite clinics within the county. Local officials are currently working on this issue and are committed to finding solutions, hoping to reduce the negative impacts as much as possible.

It is important to note that emergency medical care will continue to be provided within Colusa County regardless of the hospital closure. Nothing will change when you call 911. Someone will always answer the call. Emergency response personnel (fire, ambulance, and law enforcement) will continue to respond to medical calls and medical emergencies as they always have. The differences will be that ambulance services will now be required to transport serious medical patients to medical facilities outside of Colusa County (ie, Marysville, Woodland, Willows, etc.) and residents will no longer be able to “walk-in” to the local emergency room for medical treatment. There will be no after-hour medical treatment facility in Colusa County as well.

For the time being, county residents should also expect increased ambulance transportation times while patients are being taken to medical facilities outside the county. Those same ambulances will be “out of service” longer as well. Other ambulances may have to travel greater distances to cover as “back-up”, increasing response times to calls as well.

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