Supervisor Contributes $10,000 to Colusa Basic Life Support Unit

2016 - Loudon Contributes to Basic Life Support Unit-2When Colusa County’s ambulance service was reduced in 2015, Colusa City Fire personnel began looking and its options to serve its community.

“The reduction in service left our community vulnerable,” said Colusa Fire Chief, Randy Dunn, “We had to do something about it.”

The department sought the opportunity to purchase a 2006 basic life support transport unit with the help of funding received from its 2015-16 Strike Team funding.

The Basic Life Support Unit was purchased for $16,000.

“The department at one time had a similar unit back in the 1990’s; however, when the county contracted with Enoloe the program wad dropped,” said Chief Dunn, “Its great to be able to revive that program.”

Chief Dunn also commented that though the unit looks like an ambulance it is not an ambulance.

“We are not in the ambulance business,” said Dunn, “the basic life support unit will be used as a last resort unit to provide aid, or in the event of mass casualty.”

Dunn commented that a Basic Life Support Unit is designed for inter-facility transportation and pre-hospital response to ill or injured patients. The units would be staffed with emergency medical responders. Where as an Advanced Life Support unit must have a minimum of one paramedic and emergency medical technician.

“Most of our volunteers are EMR’s; but our paid staff are EMT’s,” said Chief Dunn.

When District 4, Supervisor, John Loudon heard of the department’s efforts he offered his assistance.

“The Basic Life Support unit is not only a valuable asset to the city but to the county as well,” said Loudon.

Loudon provided the department with a $10,000 contribution to outfit the Basic Life Support Unit with necessary equipment.

“If we save one life with the unit it would have paid for itself,” said Colusa City Fire Captain, Logan Conley, “The $10,000 will make a great difference in purchasing needed supplies and equipment.”

The funds contributed by Supervisor Loudon were part of the County Supervisor Fund for special projects within each of the districts or the entire county.

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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