Fundraiser aims to ‘Flush Out Cancer’

Colusa County Relay for Life, Team Hope, co-chair's Dawn Brown and Ellie Gutierrez drop off the Purple Toilet at Davies Chevron in Colusa.
Colusa County Relay for Life, Team Hope, co-chair’s Dawn Brown and Ellie Gutierrez drop off the Purple Toilet at Davies Chevron in Colusa.

If a toilet ends up in front of your home or business, don’t think of it as an obstacle. Instead, consider it a challenge – a challenge to raise money for a good cause.

Colusa County Relay for Life, Team Hope, has been ‘flushing out cancer’ with its purple toilet.

“It started by being passed from one home to another,” said Colusa County Relay for Life, Team Hope co-captain Elvira Gutierrez, “it became very popular after about a dozen homes that we received a request to pass it along to a business.”

The purple toilet, decorated with colorful flowers in its bowl serves as a humorous and fun gesture in hopes to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society.

“People love it, some can’t wait to have it in their yards or in front of their business,” said Team Hope co-captain, Dawn Brown, “it’s a great way to make people smile and remind them about the American Cancer Society.”

The way it works is an individual or business is selected by the recipient of the toilet and is elected to pay $20 to have the toilet removed from their premises, $30 to send it to a friend or fellow business, or $50 will get you toilet insurance to ensure you’ll never see that purple potty again – but, come on, what’s the fun in that.

Gutierrez commented that she has a waiting list of businesses and individuals wanting to receive the potty.

“The support has been great!” said Gutierrez.

The relay fundraiser is part of the overall goal of raising money for the 2nd Annual, Colusa County Relay for Life event to be held from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Saturday, August 6, 2016, at the Colusa County Fairgrounds. For information visit ■

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