By Gerry Hernandez

It’s the dog days of summer. The days are long and hot. How is your garden doing in the heat? There are several things you can do to keep the garden looking good.

Make every drop count!

■ Drip irrigation – drip irrigation with a timer delivers a consistent amount of water to the plants. Drip irrigation is not worry free. Check the emitters occasionally to see if they are working.

■ Mulch – mulch consist of organic matter such as bark. Mulch covers the ground thus reducing evaporation. It can also reduce weeds.

■ Water – water during the cool parts of the day and keep the water near the plants not on the sidewalk.

■ Fertilize – fertilize your plants on the low end of recommended rates. New plant growth is easily sunburned.

■ Trees – if you have reduced the water on your lawn, then remember to water your trees. Basically, circle the tree with a soaker hose and run 2-3 hours every 2 weeks.

— Contributed by The Master Gardeners of Colusa County. They can be contacted by: Phone (530) 458-0570. Email office, 100 Sunrise Blvd., Ste. E, Colusa,