Life as I see it… (08/17/2016)


me for columnSo, I grew up in Colusa County. I was a teenager in the 1960’s and life here was very different then.

There was always a full house at the theater on Friday or Saturday. Those of us with cars went to the Williams Drive-In too.

Our parents (at least mine) warned us not to go to the Drive-in, not because of anything bad that might happen there, but because it was too dangerous for us to drive on Old Highway 99 to get there.

Of course, we went. That’s where everyone was, and we didn’t want to miss anything.

Besides, I was the youngest so I could always blame it on my sister Ann. She had the driver’s license.

We “cut the square” in Colusa. Around and around we went, honking the horn and waving no matter how many times we passed the same people.

Ricks Frizette (now Jeff’s) didn’t have indoor seating in those days, so we often congregated in the parking lot. It too was another great place to be seen and to see anyone else you might especially want to see. It sits right on the corner of “the square”, so if you were looking to see if a particular person was in town, that was the place to sit in wait.

Not too long ago I saw on social media a newspaper clipping about when the Colusa Teen Center opened. Four familiar faces were in that photo.  It was great to see that photo and remember when.

The teen centers, both in Colusa and in Arbuckle provided great times for all of us.

We occasionally had live music (often local talent).

I left Colusa County when I got married, and it was 30 something years when I one again moved back home.

Some of the same people who were teenagers when I was growing up here are still here, or have, like me, moved home again. It just felt right to come back to Colusa County.

Life was good here in the 60’s.  We had each other’s backs.  Of course, there was the sports rivalry, but that is pretty much were it ended.

My friend Sue who grew up in Arbuckle often says that she and her brother recall that growing up here in that time was magical.

I think they might be right.

I have good memories of growing up in Colusa County. It’s as it should be.

As for now – Life is good today.

— Kathy Craigo is a  publicist, speaker, and life coach. She owns Kathy Craigo Media Consulting in Colusa. Contact Kathy Craigo at