3D Pumpkin Carver coming to Colusa’s Pumpkin Village

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Paulo Machado, a master in the art of 3D pumpkin carving will be at the 2nd annual Colusa Pumpkin Village to demonstrate this intricate skill of carving life-like, 3D images from pumpkins. “This isn’t your typical jack-o-lantern,” said Colusa County Fair CEO Jonathan Howard

Machado says that carving 3D pumpkins can be fun, exciting, and rewarding. “When I say rewarding, I mean when I carve 3D pumpkins, I feel relaxed and at home… in my very own world I’ve created in my mind where I go to get my inspiration,” he said.

Machado says that it may sound weird to you, but that explains how he starts a 3D pumpkin carving not knowing what it’s going to look like and have a nice 3D pumpkin in the end.

He said he also draws his inspiration by watching 3D pumpkin carving videos  on YouTube such as the genius of Ray Villafane.

“Ray Villafane has been probably the 3D pumpkin carving artist that has most led me to embark in this two year journey I’ve been on,” said.

Paulo Machado photoFor a sneak peek at Machado’s work, take a look athttp://www.paulomachadopumpkins.com.

“Machado’s work is amazing,” said Howard. “We are really looking forward to having him share with us at the 2nd annual Pumpkin Village in Colusa this year.

For more information visit www.colusacountyfair.com or call (530) 458-2641.<

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