Mexican Independence Day Festival on tap for Sunday

Three days after Enrique Peña Nieto shouts the “Cry of Independence” from the National Palace in Mexico, marking the 206th anniversary of the day that Miguel Hidalgo uttered the Grito de Dolores that sparked the Mexican War of Independence, Williams will hold its own local Mexican Independence Day Festival.

The Spanish/English Committee of Williams (SPENCOW) is putting on the celebration at Venice Park, which will include a soccer tournament, a Mexican Independence Day Ceremony, Mexican food, and music.

“This is our first year, our first Mexican Independence Day Festival,” SPENCOW treasurer Chuck Bergson said. “We have been talking about this for a year or two, and we finally got it done. A lot of people have said that its about time, and I like hearing that. I’m glad that the reception for the community seems pretty positive. We’re really excited trying to run this for the community, and we hope that people come out and celebrate this with us.”

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Bergson said that SPENCOW was still working hard to make arrangements for the festival, and that they were hopeful that this year would be the first of many more to come.

Sunday’s festivities literally kick off in the morning with a six-team soccer tournament, which will run into the afternoon.

“We may have a couple more teams. It will be the first annual Mexican Independence Day Soccer Tournament. We are getting calls up to last week for teams to sign up. We’re limited on how many games we can run at the park. We may look at expanding the game to the school next year,” Bergson said.

At noon, Mexican Independence Day Festival-goers will have the opportunity to peruse food and vendor booths from local businesses. A DJ will be on hand to play music throughout the day.

“We have raised some funds, and we were going to bring Mexican band in, but it’s very expensive. I didn’t realize how expensive it would be… Hopefully, if it grows, we will be able to get a live band next year or the year after,” Bergson said.

At 4:00 PM, SPENCOW will introduce the candidate they are recommending be elected to the Williams City Council, SPENCOW Member “Vox Populi” Roberto Mendoza, Bergson said.

Bergson, along with SPENCOW Vice Chair Alfred Sellers, Jr., and Secretary Santos Jauregui, were recommended for election by the Committee in 2014, and all three were voted onto the council — back on, in the case of Sellers. Bergson added that SPENCOW would also be explaining their platform.

The “Grito De Independencia” will commence 5:00 PM.

“It’s about time somebody put it all together,” Bergson said. “I’m sure we may have some bumps and kinds in our first year, but we’ll work that out and get better.”

The Spanish/English Committee of Williams is a community-based organization addressing the present and future needs of Williams.

Brian Pearson
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