Fundraising efforts continue for Colusa K-9 Association

image3The Colusa Police Department’s K-9 is officially stateside and in the care of his handler, officer Chad LeBlanc.

While “Rocky” — imported from Holland through Left Coast K-9 — is already here, he is still a couple months away from hitting the streets for patrol duty.

“Our training starts on October 10. It’s a two-part training, with the first part being five weeks,” LeBlanc said. “We should be certified and on the road in mid-November.”

LeBlanc added that his patrol vehicle would be outfitted to accommodate Rocky, including safety features such as heat alarms and door poppers, within two to three weeks.

Meanwhile, the Colusa Police Department K9 Association is still seeking donations. Their latest fundraising effort is a spaghetti feed at Steelhead Lodge, scheduled for Monday, Sept. 19.

Organizers are hoping for a big turnout, and if the community’s prior support of the K-9 Association is any indication of how Monday’s dinner will go, they can safely expect one.

“The K-9 Association is fully funded around donations, and we are really reliant on the community’s continued support,” noted LeBlanc.

He said he has heard community members are eager and excited to see the fruit of their donations and to witness the department’s new Belgian Malinois in action. While he understands the excitement, LeBlanc indicated that getting the dog prepared to meet the community is a long process:

“We’ve been very encouraged by the community’s response, but it’s a tedious process. We’ll be able to show the community in due time, We just want to stress that we’re grateful. The community has really come together to make this work. We couldn’t do it without them.” 

Brian Pearson
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