Volunteers help clear trash for annual Colusa River Cleanup Day

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Over 1,200 pounds of refuse and 200 pounds of recyclables were recovered alongside Colusa’s riverbanks as part of a statewide waterway cleanup.

“I was pretty impressed on what we collected in a short a period,” said Monique Spence, a volunteer and nurse.

With two dumpsters full of refuse, and a dumpster of recyclables, a wide variety of items were collected.

“I was impressed that we didn’t find any drug paraphernalia,” said Spence.

Colusa County District 4 Supervisor John Loudon reiterated Spence’s comment: “With the amount of stuff we pulled out of there, it was interesting that we didn’t run into any needles or paraphernalia. I would say that is a positive sign for the county.”

The fifth annual event boasted 50 volunteers who were split into several groups. Most attended to the west side of the riverbank and a small group attended to the east side.

“Supervisor Denise Carter and I helped clean up on the east side of the river where the homeless population once camped out,” said Loudon.

While there, the group came across several abandoned camp sites and cleaned up the surrounding areas.

“We came across several bicycles, and bicycle frames, tents, plastic tarps, and other items,” said Kathy Craigo, a volunteer for the day.

Some of the unique items found included a non-working cook top filled with pots and pans, an abandoned engine, and a propane burner.

“We also collected a great deal of recyclables, cans, bottles, and other debris,” said Cragio.

Cragio added that the group came across a mass amount of fishing wire that was tied to the trees.

“The wires were cut from the trees to prevent future damage,” said Cragio.

Although Spence was amazed at a number of materials collected, Loudon commented that there was still more to be collected.

“We loaded five pickup loads in our area, and there was easily five more loads of debris,” said Loudon. “I hope this continues to be an annual event and possibly twice a year.”

Loudon commented that he was going to speak with the County’s probation department to discuss further cleanup action.

Craigo added that the number of volunteers was down compared to last year; however, more items were collected.

“The river clean up was a great success,” said District 5 Supervisor Denise Carter. “It was wonderful to see so many community members involved in keeping our river banks clean.”

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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