Colusa County Elections Office releases statement on letters from Voter Participation Center

voter-participation-center-mailing_page_1Colusa County election officials and the Secretary of State’s office have received numerous complaints from voters who have received letters from a group called the Voter Participation Center. The organization’s letters claim that the voter is not registered to vote and offers a pre-filled voter registration form that has incorrect or outdated information, or information for persons who don’t live at the address. In many instances, the voter is, in fact, properly registered to vote.

“We first saw the letter last week when one of the office staff members received the attached letter stating they weren’t registered to vote,” said Colusa County Clerk Recorder Rose Gallo-Vasquez. “We have also had a few calls from voters that were confused and concerned by the letter, and wanted to confirm they were registered to vote.”

According to Gallo-Vasquez, anyone who receives the letter is urged to call the Colusa County Clerk and Recorder’s Office at (530) 458-0500 to confirm they are registered to vote.

“They may also visit our website and click on the link ‘Am I Registered to Vote?’” said Gallo-Vasquez. The County Elections website can be found at

Gallo-Vasquez commented that the group has mailed over 4.6 million letters statewide, with 1,081 of those to Colusa County residents.

New voters or persons who want to update their voter registration information can visit the Secretary of State’s official voter registration website: If you need to update your voter registration information, the deadline is October 24.

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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