Colusa County Historic Look Back (10/19/2016

Research and synopses by: Resa Lyn

100 years

October 5, 1916 • The Colusa Herald

Mrs. E.B. Martin of Leesville school was correcting another student, when Miss Ora Nason interfered. The teacher turned her attention to the aggressor, the result was a fistic encounter in which Miss Nason Blackened  an eye, bruised a cheek, and tore down the teacher’s hair. Miss Martin thought best to resign. The school as a consequence is in need of a teacher. Only an athlete or one of gentile persuasion need apply.

75 years

February 26, 1941 • Colusa Sun Herald

Leonard Mannee has purchased the Colusa Bowling Alley from Hal Stone. There are 14 teams in regular competition, 10 men’s and 4 women’s. There are four alleys. Team scours will appear every day in the Colusa Sun Herald.

50 years

March 30, 1966 • Colusa Sun Herald

Donna Toutent, 61, of Colusa, was arrested on charges of purchasing alcoholic beverages for minors. The boys just walked up to the door, knocked, identified themselves, and then a few minutes later, they would get the liquor they had asked for.

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