Supes hold off on changes to groundwater commission ordinance

A series of basic amendments to the county’s groundwater management ordinance was tabled on Tuesday morning, pending a more comprehensive review of the ordinance.

County counsel Marcos Kropf said that he anticipated the groundwater management ordinance will likely need to be changed significantly in the near future.

“As we get closer to implementing the Sustainable Groundwater Management Project, we would necessarily need to bring back those changes at a later date,” Kropf said.

Supervisor Kim Vann said that a Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) governance meeting was slated for Wednesday, and that some “tweaks and changes” would be made to the ordinance. She said that the ordinance will define how the county’s current groundwater commission will be integrated with the new Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) formed under SGMA.

“It’s basically going to end up being one overarching committee, but I don’t think (these changes to the ordinance) fix everything we’ve been working on as a committee. I think we need to … get through tomorrow at our committee meeting and bring it back again,” Vann said.

Kropf said that the changes proposed yesterday would essentially create a situation analogous to the planning commission, where each of the board members would nominate a commission member, and those commission members would essentially serve terms concurrent with the nominating supervisor.

He added that the changes also included adding some provisions that allow the removal of commissioners at any time by a majority vote of the supervisors, requirements for attendance from commission members, and some minor clean-up language.

Brian Pearson
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