Life as I see it: 11/16/2016

It was a long week last week. Election week is stressful, blessed, and exhausting on any level.

Obviously, not everyone is pleased with the outcome of the election, but so be it. It is what it is, and now we move forward.

Life as I know it is good. It is good because I continue to believe that there is a plan for me. It is good because I continue to work hard as I always have to try and do what I see as that plan as it unfolds.

We may be facing some major changes in our world, but I have to believe that we can all do this. We can all do this as we unite as the one great nation that we are.

Life goes on in Colusa County, and it is evident that things for the better good are still in place.

This week, we will focus on two longstanding and successful events. On Nov. 19 and 20, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Holiday Craft Faire & Gift Show at the Colusa County Fairgrounds. I’m told it is bigger than usual and that there have been many improvements and additions to this year’s Show.

On Nov. 19, the Family Water Alliance (FWA) will host its annual Hot Cajun Night dinner at St. Benedict’s Hall. This is always a great evening and the proceeds support the efforts of water conservation by the FWA. This is the first year it has been held at St. Benedict’s Hall. The reasoning being to have more space since it is such a popular event.

There’s great food, wonderful auctions, and raffles. It is just a fun night.

As we look forward to Thanksgiving next week, I hope that we all take a moment to stop, reflect, and really think about the things for which we can be grateful.

I’m not happy with the protests that are going on around our nation, but I am happy that the protesters have the right to do it.

My wish is that they will be peaceful, not attack one another, not loot from the poor innocent shopkeepers, and not destroy property of those who may or may not have voted in a way different from their votes.

Life goes on and it will be what we make of it.

My goal is to continue to be the best that I can be and to continue to work for what I need.

In the last few months, I have had so many people tell me that they are happy for me and Tom. They say I deserve to be happy. My reply is always the same: “I don’t deserve it any more than anyone else.”

I don’t think anyone deserves happiness more than the next person.

On Veteran’s Day, we attended the annual Veteran’s Day program in Colusa.

I looked on and saw the now adult faces of friends from my youth standing as proud veterans. We listened as they read the more than 700 names of Colusa County Veterans whose names adorn bricks on the Memorial Walls.

Among those honored were my friends George Sistrunk and Mike Pogue.

George’s name was on one of the newly placed memorial bricks. They presented a framed memorial shadow box to the family of Mike. There were eight shadow boxes in all, but the one I remember most was for Mike.

Mike was a dear friend to many of us. It was one of those moments in your life that you just never forget: the day we learned that Mike was lost to us forever.

The guys were just babies when they went off to fight in Vietnam. Some came home and were there at the Park. Others, like Mike, were there in our memories.

I wished that Mike and George were there with us; somehow I think they were looking on.

Let’s be proud, folks. Let’s appreciate all of those men and women who have fought so that we can be free. If we need to protest, let’s try to do it with the dignity of those who went before us.

Life if good today.

Kathy Craigo
Kathy Craigo is a publicist, speaker, and life coach. She owns Kathy Craigo Media Consulting in Colusa. Contact Kathy Craigo at