Letter to the Editor (12/07/2016)


Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The First Presbyterian Church in Colusa wishes to thank the members, community businesses and members of other churches and volunteers including some students who donated Turkeys, deserts and time.  Special thanks to Rocco’s, Sacramento River Fire Department, Colusa Fire Fighters Inc. for donating potatoes, gravy and turkeys plus cooking several donated turkeys.

A gracious group of approximately fifty people came to enjoy a hot meal and desert and join in Fellowship with others. Twenty-nine folks picked up a takeout dinner, and twenty-five meals were delivered to the Jaconetti Senior Center.  Church and Community members provided music for the dinners to enjoy while eating and visiting. We were so blessed by those in our community by the donated Time, Food and financial support, we received.

Thank You

Robin Rauch – Event Coordinator

Colusa, CA

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