Students Visit Arbuckle Fire

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In October, the Arbuckle Fire Department played host to more than 560 Arbuckle Elementary Students as part of National Fire Prevention Week. Staff and Volunteer Firefighters educated their audience on the responsibility of firefighters, including community medical aid, vehicle fires, residential fires, and more. The educational program also addressed essential topics including the importance of sirens, communication tools for emergency personnel, how to make an emergency call (911), Fire Fighter’s equipment, what a Firefighter would look like if they’re searching for you in a fire, smoke detectors, caution regarding Fire Engines, and everyone’s favorite – how to operate a fire hose.

“The kids were excited about the trip,” said Kelli Griffith-Garcia, a 4th Grade Teacher at Arbuckle Elementary. “The kids learned a lot from the visit.”

Griffith-Garcia commented it was more than just demonstrating how the department extinguishes fires.

“The Arbuckle Fire Department made the lesson age-appropriate and went beyond the standard ‘stop, drop, and roll’ scenario. The kids were shown some basic first aid techniques and given a day in the life of a firefighter,” she said.

Fears of emergency services were relieved as students learned how to brace and splint an injury, as well as the steps and reason for each piece of gear a firefighter wears.

“I could see the students comforted as they learned about what the department does,” she said. “If a friend or family member needs first aid, they will have a better understanding and security of knowing what the firefighter is doing.”

The excitement extended beyond the classroom.

“This was a walking field trip for us, and the students were just as excited as with any field trip when they returned to the school,” said Griffith-Garcia. “We talked about the visit in the classroom and the students had many curiosities and questions. It was definitely worth the visit.”

Fire Prevention saves lives yearly.

“Children and adults need to learn about smoke detectors; stop, drop, and roll; and how to safely get out of a home on fire and where to meet outside,” said Kristy Santucci, a representative for the department, in a press release.

Fire Prevention Week started after the Great Chicago Fire of October 9, 1871. The Great Chicago Fire killed more than 250 people and left 100,000 more homeless. The Fire destroyed more than 17,400 structures and burned more than 2,000 acres in 27 hours. Since 1922, National Fire Prevention Week has been observed on the Sunday through Saturday period near October 9th. This year, Fire Prevention Week was October 10th through 14th, and the Arbuckle-College City Fire Department conducted one-hour educational workshops for students, teachers, and parents through the entire month of October.

This annual project is made possible through community donations to the Arbuckle Fire Department – Volunteer Firefighters Program and Premier Mushroom Inc.’s community grant.

If you have any questions about Fire Prevention or would like to schedule a future educational tour, please contact the Arbuckle Fire Department at 530-476-2231.

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