ESA sophomores wrap up community service projects

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Operation Believe

Despite a considerable effort to market Operation Believe, a free movie night and community service event put on by four Environmental Sciences Academy sophomores at Colusa High, county residents didn’t exactly show up in force at Stagehands Theatre last Sunday.

While that was a little disappointing to the four girls that organized it, they all said that the event was much than just a movie night.

“Even though the community movie part of our event didn’t work out, there were so many more aspects of what we were trying to do: Donating things to places, providing community service to the leadership class, cleaning up Stagehands,” Abby Huskey said. “I think all in all, it was successful.”

And those that did come had a good time, which Sophie Keenan said was a success in its own right.

“Although we didn’t get such a large turnout, we still got the job accomplished, as its providing the opportunity for a free event, for those who may not have money to take their kids to some Christmas Spectacular,” Keenan said. “We gave them something, and those that took it, I feel like they enjoyed it.”

It wasn’t just about the movie, either.

“The amount of people that showed up was less that we expected, but we still had the art project,” Gillian Ayala said.

The girls, along with kids who attended, crafted more than 200 Christmas-themed water bottles that will be donated to senior living centers throughout in the county.

They didn’t quite meet their goal of 500, but they’ll be working with Egling classes to complete the project.

“We are going to Egling and each of us are going to pick a classroom and have a 15 minute lesson on how to make the reindeer water bottle,” Jessica Hickel said.

Separate group raises funds for A Hand Up

Another group of sophomores, Sophie Stocks, Maddy Navarro, Paderow Cardenas, and Andrea Garcia, chose to raised funds and make a donation to A Hand Up, a program that feeds those in need three times per week at the Presbyterian Church in Colusa.

“The group of ESA students made donations jars and placed them in local businesses. With the collected donation money, they purchased groceries to cook and provide a spaghetti dinner on December 9 with all the fixings. A long with the dinner they were able to donate a check for $138.40,” said Yolanda Navarro, their advisor for the community service project.

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