Community meeting regarding potential cannabis campus set for next Wednesday at Colusa City Hall

Community members will have the opportunity to learn a more about the potential “cannabis campus” proposed for construction in Colusa by Cultivation Technologies Inc. (CTI).

A meeting is scheduled for 6 PM on Wednesday, Jan. 11,  at Colusa City Hall.

“The plan — and it may change — but as it is right now, is to have an opportunity for public to come in, listen to city staff give an overview of what the process is going to take for CTI to proceed. The city attorney, and probably the city planner, will offer information to community members (from the city’s standpoint),” said Interim City Manager Randy Dunn. “CTI staff will also be there to address project as a whole, but particularly the odor and security concerns. Those are the two concerns that we have heard most frequently from community members.”

Dunn said that after the informational presentation, community members would be given the opportunity to come to the podium to ask questions of both city staff and officials from CTI “in an orderly fashion.”

“We have nothing to hide, and we want the community to be informed,” Dunn said.

Just over a month ago, the Colusa City Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution of intent to amend the city’s zoning ordinance, which was the first step in potentially allowing a commercial cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facility to be built on an 11-acre parcel in the Colusa Industrial Park. At that time, CTI — based out of Irvine — indicated that they were eager to communicate with the community.

Dunn said that next week’s meeting could be the first of a few informational sessions for community members.

Cannabis Meeting

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Council member Tom Reische, who first invited CTI to look at the City of Colusa as potential location for the company’s second cannabis campus (the first will be built in Coachella), said that he hopes CTI representatives will educate community members in the same way that they educated the council.

“We really want to get this out in the open so the public can give their input. I know there is some opposition out there, and having CTI staff there will be very beneficial for the community’s understanding of the project,” Reische said on Tuesday. “I’m hoping that we get some feedback. We’ve heard some positive feedback from community members, but they probably won’t be the ones at the meeting… we’ll see how it plays out. But we need to at least inform the community the best we can. That’s our intention.”

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