Better Living: How to get Resolution success

Happy 2017! Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? I hear many like, “I want to lose weight” or “I want to workout more.” While these are good ideas, they often do not amount to much success. Without a deadline, goals are just a wish. But with a little tweak, you will be on your way to success. Here’s how:

1. Make it measurable. If you desire to “read more books,” how will you know when you have read enough? By setting a goal to read 10 books, you can now measure your success. Pick a realistic measurement, one that is slightly outside of your comfort zone, but not insurmountable.

2. Break it down. Last year my goal was to run a half marathon. I could not run 13 miles when I set this goal, so I broke it into smaller steps. I know it sounds simple, but often we stall by staring at the giant goal instead of taking the next step. When your goal seems too big, just take the next step.

3. Make a plan. I knew I had to be able to run 13 miles by race day. So I made smaller deadlines to get me there. Take your yearly goal and cut it in half, knowing that by June you should be halfway there. Break it down into monthly blocks to show what you need to accomplish each month. And if necessary, take it down to weeks or days if it is helpful.

4. Cut yourself some slack. Your goals and resolutions are likely made to make you better. Sometimes goals change throughout the year. Even well-made plans experience hiccups. Feeling utterly overwhelmed can be incredibly deterring towards goal success. So when life throws a curve ball, take break and readjust your plan.

5. Keep them visible. With a busy life, well-intended resolutions can get pushed to the back burner. Write your goals down and put them somewhere you will regularly see them – on the refrigerator, at your desk, on the bathroom mirror. I put mine up in the bathroom so I can see my goals first thing in the morning.

6. Track progress. If your goal has a number, track your success with tally marks on your goal sheet. If your goal is tied to a calendar, like number of days worked out, chose some fun stickers to mark the days you got a sweat session in. Tell your friends. They will hold you accountable by asking about your progress. It also makes your goal real when you say them out loud!

What goals are you be making this year? We’d love to hear them! Share your goals online and tag me in your post (Facebook: @BetterBodyFitnessStudio)! You can do it. It just takes a decision. Then work, one step at a time!

— Melissa Chesini is a Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of Better Body Fitness.

Raised on a ranch in Arbuckle overlooking the Sutter Buttes, Melissa Green holds a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from CSU Chico; she also holds a master’s degree in Meat Science from Colorado State University. Green currently works in Northern California conducting research and development for new meat products. Her passion for educating consumers on the topic of “where our food comes from” enables Green her to pursue a mission in preserving our agricultural heritage.