The Fight Continues

When the Pioneer Review last checked in with Isaac and his mother, Daisy Franco, their family had recently learned that Isaac’s leukemia was in remission, and he getting back to his normal, jubilant two-year-old self — just in time for Christmas. The fight wasn’t over, but things were looking up. And they still are.

Daisy Franco said that her son has been doing great over the past month, and started fully walking again about two-and-a-half weeks ago.

At the end of last week, he had just begun the second phase of his therapy.

“On Friday, he had chemo again, and will be having it every 10 days until March. I’m just hoping he doesn’t get as bad as he did through the first treatment,” Franco said.

There are many people in Colusa who are hoping for the same.

After a tough Friday, Saturday was Isaac’s day in Colusa: Hundreds of Colusa residents attended two separate events geared at raising funds for the Isaac and the rest of the Franco family. Again, the community’s support left Daisy Franco in awe.

“It was amazing. We had a carnitas dinner (at the Knights of Columbus hall), and then had a fundraiser that was part of Hanna (Schneider)’s Senior Project. She had great support from the community, and we had great support as well. This community has been amazing. I grew up here, and that is one of the great things about this town.”

At the Knights of Columbus Hall, a group of Franco’s friends served up between 240 and 250 carnitas dinners, raising $2,660 dollars to help support Isaac and his family as he continues through his treatment.

“All of the expenses were covered. The Valencias donated the tortillas, ACC donated the rice, and the meat was donated as well, so all of the proceeds go towards Isaac,” said Villasenor, who was among those volunteering at the event. “It’s amazing, in such a small community, how many people have stepped up and have been so supportive. That’s really encouraging.”

Brian Pearson
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