Colusa Fair Foundation makes progress

The Colusa County Fair Foundation is raising money to completely renovate Festival Hall, one of the most popular rental facilities located on the Colusa County Fairgrounds.

Members of the Colusa County Fair Foundation continue to show that their love for the fairgrounds knows no bounds.

The nonprofit organization has been busy this past year making sure visitors to next week’s Colusa Farm Show – and the many other events held on the 55-acre facility throughout the year – are a little safer and a lot more comfortable.

Established in 2014 to raise money in the absence of State funding to help revitalize buildings and improve the grounds, the Fair Foundation has been behind the scenes making improvements, not only for the enjoyment of the public and preservation of the Fair’s heritage, but the viability of the fairgrounds for events that generate income.

“The renovation of Festival Hall is our next big project,” said Ben Carter, Colusa County Fair Foundation president.

Recent projects at the fairgrounds include insulating the Main Exhibit Building, concrete work at the Sheep Barn, and new sewer lines at the grandstands.

Earlier projects include the construction of the Fur and Feathers Building to house poultry and rabbits during the Colusa County Fair, and the building of the Etchepare Memorial Garden and courtyard.

Fundraising is key to the organization’s success, and the foundation relies on the community for support.

“We are always looking for partnerships and help,” Carter said.

The community can support the group’s efforts by becoming members of the Colusa County Fair Foundation, sponsoring or participating in the organization’s fundraising events, through large and small donations, and through bequeathment.

The Foundation will hold its annual meeting and membership drive in the Etchepare Memorial Garden courtyard, located just outside Etchepare Hall on April 25.

The non-profit is also planning a major kick-off event and fundraiser, opening day of the Colusa County Fair, June 8.

“It is very early in the planning stage, but it is going to be a wonderful, fun event for the whole family,” Carter said.

Fair Foundation Secretary, Shiela Etchepare, said the organization is striving to hold events that attract young people, and encourage their participation in preserving the Colusa County Fair heritage and viability for generations to come.

“It’s very important for our younger generation to become involved,” Etchepare said. “They are the ones that will have to carry this forward in the future.”

The foundation will hold its annual golf tournament, another major fundraiser, in October.

For more information about the Colusa County Fair Foundation, visit and on Facebook.