It’s Your Colusa County: Dale Johnson

Maxwell, as you may or may not know, is filled with generosity; but no one fills that part better than Dale Johnson and his wife Joan.

As five-year residents, the Johnsons stumbled upon the small town in August of 2012.

“We decided to just take an adventure to find a new home,” said Johnson. “After we retired, we wanted to slow down from city life.”

With their six-year-old granddaughter, they made their way to Colusa and stopped in for rental information at Pearson Reality.

“We found this beautiful home on the east side of Maxwell. When we walked in the door, our granddaughter threw her hands up and said ‘This is it.’” The Johnsons then  made their move from their home in American Canyon.

Johnson, unlike his wife Joan, was familiar with Maxwell.

“I used to spend my summers fishing with my dad up at Lake Lodoga,” said Dale. His wife spent most her life in Concord and says she may have brushed by Maxwell as a child when her family would drive to Oregon on Old Hwy 99.

With no family in the area, the Johnsons consider their community as their family.

“One day, Joan saw a flyer at the Post Office looking for volunteers with the local Little League. So we attended the meeting,” said Johnson.Little did they know, by the end of the meeting they would both be members of Maxwell Parks and Recreation and in charge of the snack bar.

“I enjoy running the snack bar and visiting with all the townspeople and the great kids in the community. We have several adopted grandkids now! Joan handles all the behind-the-scenes duties and does so very well,” said Johnson.

“Not only do the Johnsons help with Little League snack bar, they also donate their time to help Blue and Gold Boosters, volunteer at the Elementary School, and run the snack bar for the Maxwell Rodeo. They are a great addition to our town, and we are blessed to have them in our community,” said local resident Sherri Miller.

For Dale, his favorite community event is Little League Season. His wife Joan enjoys Varsity Softball games, and both like the Maxwell Rodeo.