Be on the lookout for play money

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Recently, the Chico Police Department discovered a batch of commercially-produced motion picture money is being passed as authentic currency around the City of Chico.

“Commercially-produced replica money is normally used as prop cash in movies and television shows. While not an exact replica, the bills look similar enough to authentic cash that it may be accepted if not carefully inspected,” said the Chico Police Department in a statement.

Chico Police added that the replica bills are stamped “For Motion Picture use Only” and in smaller lettering “This note is not legal, it is to be used for motion pictures.”

“The bills lack the usual security features such as watermarks and micro-printing,” said Chico Police.

Authorities caution businesses and citizens to closely scrutinize all currency and ensure bills are authentic legal tender. According to the United States Secret Service, possessing a replica bill with printing on both sides is illegal, as is attempting to pass a prop bill as legal tender for any transaction.

If you are given a prop bill, get a description of the suspect and refuse or confiscate the bill and immediately call your local authorities.

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