Fouch & Son burglar may receive plea deal

The Colusa County Probation Department will be preparing a report for a possible plea deal in the case of a man charged with second-degree burglary, vandalism, evading a peace officer, and possession of a controlled substance.

David Michael Gibson of Citrus Heights, who was arrested on suspicion of burglarizing the Fouch & Sons pharmacy in Williams and stealing prescription pills before leading a Williams police officer on a high speed chase on Interstate 5 on March 6, appeared in the Colusa County Superior Court last Wednesday for the setting of his preliminary hearing. Gibson waived his preliminary hearing to allow the probation department to prepare a pre-plea report. Absent a plea deal, the case will proceed to trial. Gibson’s attorney, Albert Smith, waived time for arraignment and a trial.

The report is due back from probation by May 10. Under the potential plea agreement, Gibson would plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of burglary and a felony charge of evading arrest, while the charges for vandalism and possession of a controlled substance would be dismissed.

Gibson allegedly broke into Fouch & Sons and stole an undisclosed number of prescription pills at about 1:30 a.m. on March 6. A Williams police officer heard the business’s alarm sounding and observed a black BMW containing two suspects speeding away, running stop signs as it traveled toward, and eventually got onto, Interstate 5. The officer pursued the vehicle, reaching speeds in excess of 120 mph on southbound I-5 before finding it abandoned in Arbuckle. Officers found Gibson, who they believed to be one of the two suspects, after a subsequent search of the area. The second suspect remained outstanding as of Monday.

“There is nothing further to report as of right now,” Williams Police Sgt. Steve Woldanski said. “The investigation is still continuing.”

Brian Pearson
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