Wife of convicted sex offender sentenced to jail, probation


Rachel Wolfenbarger of Arbuckle was sentenced on May 23 to 90 days behind bars and formal probation for her part in a bizarre child endangerment case stemming from her husband’s predilection to child pornography.

Wolfengbarger was arrested in 2016 after the Colusa County Sheriff’s Department and FBI learned she had known that her husband, William Wolfenbarger, a paraeducator with the Colusa County Office of Education, had images of child pornography on his cell phone and computer, including images of her teenage daughter in a state of undress, which he had filmed without the child’s knowledge.

Although those images did not factor into Williams Wolfenbarger’s case, it played heavily in the child endangerment case against Rachel Wolfenbarger.

According to Colusa County District Attorney’s office, Rachel Wolfenbarger admitted in an interview with investigators that she had let her husband back into her and the children’s lives after seeing the images, and that text messages between the two suggested he had access to the home where the victim lives.

Rachel Wolfenbarger also failed to report her husband’s crime to authorities.

At William Wolfenbarger’s sentencing in April, the teen’s father called Wolfenbarger a predator and said that the “effects this situation has had on his children is forever life-changing.”

The victim’s father also expressed his anger toward Rachel Wolfenbarger, for not reporting her husband’s behavior toward the minor, saying one of the greatest tragedies of the situation is that she stood by a predator’s side, rather than protect her child.  William Wolfenbarger is serving a two-year sentence in state prison for possessing more than 4,000 images of children engaging in or simulating sexual behavior, many from a known Russian website used to exchange child pornography.