2016 Miss Colusa County: Ellian Ellie”Geyer (The Last Interview)

According to 2016 Miss Colusa County Ellie Geyer, the past year has been a fun ride.

“I feel like it has been a crazy, crazy year,” Geyer said in an interview at the Maxwell Rodeo.

Geyer was there fulfilling one of the duties that comes with the crown: representing the Colusa County Fair at another community event – one of dozens she attended throughout the year. Over the course of the following two weeks, the Pierce High School senior had more Miss Colusa County duties to fulfill as fair approached. During those same two weeks, the Pierce High School Senior also had to juggle finals, graduation, graduation parties, and work – but Geyer’s mad-dash leading up to this year’s Colusa County Fair was a fitting end of her “crazy, crazy year” as the reigning Miss Colusa County.

Despite her crammed schedule, Geyer said that attending the Maxwell Rodeo and other community events around the county was a responsibility she enjoyed having. Her only complaint was that sometimes, she felt like there needed to be two of her and Mini Miss Colusa County Karsyn Gwinnup.

“People say that this is a small county and that not much happens around here, but there is so much going on. If I hadn’t done Miss Colusa County, I wouldn’t have known how much is really going on here, and how much goes into all of it,” Geyer said. “It seems like every time there was a big event in the county, there happened to be a second one somewhere else on the same day.”

She wishes she hadn’t missed those, but said that she felt she and Gwinnup had served well in their roles as ambassadors for the Colusa County Fair.

“Karsyn and I – I think we have done a good job of getting to these events and getting around the county, just getting ourselves out there,” Geyer said.

Geyer had a lot more than just her Miss Colusa County responsibilities on her plate over the past year, and managed to successfully juggle sports, extracurricular activities, and academics at Pierce High School. When she wasn’t making appearances all around the county over the past twelve months, Geyer was a driving force for Pierce’s volleyball team. A team captain, Geyer helped the Bears reach semi-final game for the Northern Section Division IV Championship, and earned All-League honors for the Sacramento Valley League. She managed to throw in some stat keeping for various Pierce athletic teams, won first place individual in Farm Records for Pierce’s FFA Chapter at the North Valley Section Contests, served as a member of the school site council, and was student body president and class salutatorian.

It may have been crazy, crazy – but Geyer’s hard work paid off: She is headed to the University of California, Santa Barbara in September, where she will major in biochemistry and minor in business.
Geyer’s plans for after college have changed since she was crowned as Miss Colusa County a little less than a year ago. Back then, she was set on nursing. She’s still looking at a profession in the medical field, but this one requires medical schooling and an MD.

“Over the past year, I realized I wanted to now go into dermatology,” Geyer said, adding that her plans could change again down the road. For now, she said she isn’t sweating it.

“I’m more into, now, playing it by ear and going with the flow. I’m just excited to be going down there,” Geyer said.

Before she heads south down Interstate 5 toward the Central Coast, Geyer said she is going to take a well-earned break – sort of.

“After I give the crown away, I will be working at the pool and in the store over the summer, and spending time with family and friends before I leave for college,” Geyer said. “I’m going to miss it – just being with Karsyn, all the friends you met along the way. Looking back on all the memories we made, those are the most cherishable thing I got from this experience.”

As a word of advice to this year’s contestants, Geyer offered: “Savor every moment. It goes by so fast; it feels like it was just yesterday that we got our crowns. Appreciate where you come from, and really appreciate what you’re doing this for.”

Brian Pearson
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