Fathers honored at special event


Gary Luellen looks over his grand prize he won at “Big Daddy Bingo,” on June 12, at the Williams Community Center.

Bingo and raffles are games of chance, but chance would have it that dads beat the odds at the Williams Community Center.

The center hosted its biggest bash of the year, “Big Daddy Bingo” on June 12, in honor of Father’s Day.

“Men are really outnumbered by the women, so that’s why you have fight to win a Bingo,” said Gary Luellen.

Luellen, a regular at Monday Night Bingo, is the father of five, and has 13 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Sally Barker organized the special session, which replaced the Sweetheart Bingo, typically held in February.

“We try to have one big event a year,” Barker said.

About 25 people played for bigger than usual payouts.

Of the six men present, three won Bingo – making the rate of return for the dads an unusual 50 percent, plus Luellen won the grand raffle prize, a tool box and fishing supplies, and one of the other raffle prizes, which included a Sam’s Club gift certificate, dinner for two, a travel cup, and dried fruit.

Don Barker won just over $100 at Likety Split Bingo, and Jim Campbell and Bill Stevenson also managed to pull off wins.

The Williams Community Center hosts Bingo every Monday night, beginning at 5:30 for early birds, with regular games beginning at 6 PM.

Sally Barker said they Community Center would love to have more people attend their weekly activity.

“The more people we have, the bigger the pots,” she said.

The Community Center is located at 860 C St., Williams.