“I Kissed a Pig and I liked It”

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What do you get when you combine lipstick, a hog, and about a dozen community members? $44,449 for the Colusa County Fair Foundation.

On Wednesday afternoon, the CCFF wrapped up its ‘Kiss the Pig’ fundraiser where six teams competed to raise the most money to avoid kissing the pig.

Team #5, comprised of Joe Kalfsbeek, Don Traynham and Matt LaGrande raised $15,071, earning them enough to avoid kissing ‘Henry the Pig’.

Surrounded by a crowd of friends, family, and community members, the remaining teams gathered, pucked up, and applied bright read lipstick.

“I think I am ready to kiss the pig,” Sherry Maltby nervously chuckled.

One by one, team members kissed ‘Henry the Pig’.

Other teams were comprised of (Team #1) Tina Beckley, and Paul Santinelli, raising $622; (Team #2) The Young Rotarians: Luke Steidlmayer, Brenden Farrel, Winston Welch, Nic Weber, Antonio Ortiz, Ralph Keeley IV, and Vincent Andreotti, raising $1,216. (Team #3) Ken English raised $10,820; (Team #4) Tom Charter and Dave Lohman raised $14,135; and (Team #6) Jerry and Sherry Maltby raised $2,635.

The Colusa County Fair Foundation raises funds to provide improvements to the fair grounds. This year, improvements included new concrete for the fir and feathers exhibit, new sewer line for the grandstands, and insulation for the main exhibit building.

In addition to the ‘Kiss the Pig’ compeition, the Junior Livestock Group held a parent showmanship fundraiser and raised $2,200 for the foundation.

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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