Life as I see it (09/20/2017)

The days are shorter, the temperature is cooler, and I am enjoying the feel of fall in the air.

Fall is my favorite time of year. It somehow seems like we are being blanketed and cuddled in preparation for the winter ahead.

I like nothing more than to snuggle in and enjoy the warmth of home in the long winter days ahead.

I know it’s a fantasy to think that is what is ahead of me. I’ll get bored and have to find something to do. If the rains come again this year like they did last year, I know I will go stir crazy within a few days.

I spent four hours out on my little tractor this week mowing one of our properties. I felt good doing it, and I even talked a bit to my folks, now long gone.

Daddy wanted a boy when I was born, so I kind of let him know I was as good as its going to get. Somehow I think he was watching over me and maybe even a little proud of me for getting out there and doing that.

My mother used to have a big garden on that very spot. Her favorite expression when working out there was, “I fill like I’ve been dipped in dirt”.

That is how I felt at the end of my adventure there. I was dipped in the dirt!

I took a shower before I left the valley, but when I got home, I took a second shower.

It makes me feel good, though, that I have the stamina to get out and do a not-so-female job. I’m old, but I’m still Wonder Woman.

I’m thankful for my health, and I’m thankful I have the energy to keep moving.

Keeping on moving is the key to survival as we age.

My aunt Dorothy Bowden retired from working at age 90. She looked great and overall felt great until at last her health began to fail.

She actually retired in her 70s but got bored and went back to work to work nearly 20 more years.

She was a tough woman and a woman that I admired. When she was 90 and still going strong, she told me the secret was to keep moving.

God bless her, I think she was right.

I think we are going to take the boat out this morning. Time is running short as to how long the campground will be open. We have to shut it down at the end of October and won’t be able to use it again until April 1.

There’s always a lot to do to winterize our place, get the boat out of the water, and store it for the winter.

Come spring, we’ll be antsy to get back out there and set it up all over again.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us the happiest.

That is as it should be.

Life is good today.

— Kathy Craigo-Harteis is a publicist, speaker, and life coach living in Lake County. Contact Kathy Craigo-Harteis at

Kathy Craigo
Kathy Craigo is a publicist, speaker, and life coach. She owns Kathy Craigo Media Consulting in Colusa. Contact Kathy Craigo at