Rice has starring role in new cookbook

Rice may no longer be the number one crop in Colusa County, but when it comes to a meal, rice still rocks.

Whether you like rice as an accompaniment or rice as the main event, Len Danley has a recipe in which rice takes on a staring role.

“There hasn’t been a rice cookbook done around here for about 30 years,” said Danley, 90, of Maxwell. “I thought it was time, and I was talked into it.”

This is Danley’s third cookbook.

Her first book “Homer’s Garden,” was a tribute to her late husband, who passed away in 2014.

Homer started Maxwell Beautification, and raised and sold squash and other vegetables behind his Barber Shop to fund visually appealing community projects that improved the look of the town, and lifted spirits on Maxwell Rodeo Day and patriotic holidays.

Danley also donates a portion of the proceeds from her books to help with beautification projects. Her second book “Just Desserts” was a sweet ode to the end of the meal.

“Best Rice Recipes,” which was published in September, is now available.

“I really think this is my best book,” Danley said. “There are some really great recipes. Friends also contributed their recipes.”

Rice recipes include tasty salads, main dishes like “Mediterranean Chicken and Rice Bake” and “Super Bowl Chili Beans and Rice,” and desserts like “Banana Kiwi Pudding” and “Pineapple Bavarian Cream Dessert.”

“These cookbooks make great gifts,” she said.

Danley dedicated “Best Rice Recipes” to Maxwell Rice Farmer Joe Carrancho.

“Joe means a lot to our community, and he has been a rice farmer for 50 years,” Danley said. “So many of our local farmers are now diversified, but Joe still only grows just rice.”

Danley will have a booth at the annual Holiday Craft Faire and Gift Show, Nov. 18-19, at the Colusa County Fairgrounds, 1303 10th St., Colusa.