Maxwell FFA Breakfast Returns

Under new Leadership, the Maxwell FFA Pheasant Breakfast returned Sunday with hot pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, and hash-browns.

“This is my first year helping with this fundraiser,” said Jake Bell, a senior at Maxwell High School. “It was a fun experience and the food was delicious.”

A long-lived tradition in Maxwell, the event is typically held on Saturday to coordinate with opening day of pheasant season.

“We chose to have the breakfast on Sunday due to the Veterans Day being on Saturday,” said Maxwell FFA Vice President, Grace Waddell.

With several community members and hunters in attendance, the Maxwell FFA group was pleased with the overall turnout.

“I was really happy to see Mr. Meyers returning to our old traditions and appreciate, beyond measure, all the work he is doing to consolidate everything for two ag positions. He is one busy man,” said Cristy Edwards, a Maxwell school board member. “We are also blessed with the constant backbone and commitment of Mr. Bernstein to our Ag program.

It was so rewarding to me to see all the hard work from the students. I was so touched to realize the countless generations of students I have watched put this community event on. We are a very lucky community.” ■