Golden Roots Nursery cannabis manufacturing facility seeks planning commission blessing tonight


Tonight at 7 PM, City of Colusa Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider whether to recommend the City Council adopt an ordinance approving a development agreement with Golden Roots Nursery, relative to the development of a cannabis manufacturing facility in the Colusa Industrial Park.

Golden Roots Nursery, a Yuba City-based tissue culture cloning business that currently offers clonal rootstock for walnuts, almonds and pistachios, is looking to expand into the cannabis market, and plans to do so in Colusa. The company’s owner, Ranveer Tumber, made a presentation to the city council on Nov. 21, in which he described the state-of-the-art tissue culture cloning facility and manufacturing facility he plans to bring to the city. If the state regulations on cannabis permit it, Tumber said he would like to bring his non-cannabis cloning operations to the city as well.

Tumber said during his presentation that the project would consist of three phases, the first of which would focus on the tissue culture cloning nursery. The cloning operations will be conducted out of some modular units and cargo containers, and would run off of generators while the company applies for building permits. The cloning facilities, light rooms, and rooting rooms will all be in modular buildings.

In the second phase of the project, Golden Roots would construct hybrid greenhouses where cannabis “teens” – larger, vegetative plants better suited for less experienced growers – and flowering plants would be grown.

In the final phase of the project, Golden Roots would construct a warehouse, which would be used for manufacturing (extraction) and distribution.

Brian Pearson
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